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The summer session was incredible and we can't wait for Music Together® to start up again. Benjamin loves class and we love it too. It is incredible how responsive he is to the music at just 3 months. Thank you, Suzanne!  

Heather T.


Zachary came home singing and dancing today. He even remembered the movements he did and the lyrics we sang!


Heidi S.

She loves class so much I was wondering if I can bring her on any other days...

Haylynn C.

As a child, I had a hard time singing on key.  After my family jokingly labeled me as "the one who couldn't carry a tune", I became too embarrassed to try any more.  After several Music Together sessions, and singing those catchy songs in the car and kitchen with my children, I overcame my shyness about singing, and have not only learned to love it, but also have learned to sing on key!  Thank you, Suzanne, for helping to nurture my children's love of music, and for helping me to love music too! 

Betsy S.

I know Kiersten doesn't sing much in class, but she loves to sing the Hello and Goodbye songs at home, especially before nap and before bedtime, and also by herself to her animals while she is falling asleep.  We play the songs from the songbook on our piano which is fun.  But I have one story for you: we sang the goodbye song before bed a few times and after we were done, Kiersten started crying a little and was so sad, I couldn't figure out why.  Finally she told me that "mommy forgot Kiki" -- I had forgotten to sing "goodbye to kiki..." as we had sung goodbye to mommy, daddy, brother, mormor, etc... all the people she had wanted to sing to.  Anyway, it was the first time I had really seen her sad, not just fussy like a 2-year old, and to make that connection with the song, it was a memorable moment that of course turned out just fine after we sang one more rendition, including Kiki.


Annica S.

This past week, I have heard Caleb singing the entire lyrics of the Rain Song ("drip, drop...") many times.  It is the cutest!  Well, except for tonight when he accentuated the "drop" line with dropping his broccoli on the floor.  Still, it is so fun to hear him singing back what he has learned in MT.

Kerry C.